Welcome to Happy Hounds Biscuits a small artisan producer of handmade dog biscuits, free from artificial preservatives and e numbers, based in South Cave, East Yorkshire.

We love our dogs and are passionate about the treats we give them. We started making our tasty treats to overcome a problem one of our “pack” Hektor had with mass produced treats, they all had an adverse effect on his digestive system. We had the bright idea to make our own dog biscuits and developed different flavours all of which passed the “Hektor” test.

Our biscuits were then given to friends and family with amazing results, so in 2013 we took this to the next level and began trading and have not looked back since.

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Price £2.50 per 125g bag

Free delivery on orders over £15
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Our biscuits are manufactured to the highest standard and are free from artificial preservatives and E numbers. Our ingredients are fully traceable and we are registered with DEFRA and East riding county council

Handmade with love

To place an order please email Flavour and Quantity and we will send you a paypal invoice by return